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#186 Are You Committed or Just Interested?

Three weeks into your New Years goals and you might be finding yourself waning a bit. You are so not alone! Often we think that we are committed to something when we are actually just interested in...

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#185 The Impact of Personal Growth

What is the impact of our personal growth on the lives of those around us?  Here's an interview with my daughter Allison where we talk about how my personal growth over the last few years has...

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#184 Excited About Middle-Age

Do you feel like you're stuck? Middle-age has come and you don't know what you want to do, how to move forward, or how to fix what you want to fix? Today we are talking about how to shift your...

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#183 Taking Risks and Becoming

Do you want to create something different in your life?  Maybe deeper relationships or more purpose?  Becoming the person we really want to be will require some risk on your part....

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#182 How Our 'Wayward' Children Bless Our Lives

When our children choose to take a different path than we, as their parents, have envisioned for them, we will often label them as 'wayward.' Let's chat today about how not only does this term...

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#181 6 Tips For A Happier Holiday

I do believe that the holiday season is one of the greatest reasons for stress and anxiety for a lot of people. Today I have 6 really practical tips for you on how you can step back from the...

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#180 Better Relationships With Our Adult Children

Parenting adult children is nothing like parenting our younger, dependent children. It requires a completely different mindset and skillset. Learning how to approach these relationships from a new...

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#179 Being Kind To Yourself

So often we think that if we are kind to ourselves that we are letting ourselves off the hook, and that the only way to motivate ourselves is it call us out by saying harsh things. Today I want to...

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#178 The Importance of "I"

Although we are often taught to forget ourselves and serve others, there is one place where stepping into "I" will always serve us the best and also help us to serve others.  Learning to...

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#177 Change Made Easy

Really though, we can make change easier. By understanding some great things about our primitive brain, and by learning to leverage them, we can 'hack' the part of our brain that resists change and...

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#176 Stuck In 'I Don't Know'

Have you ever paid attention to how often you use the phrase, 'I don't know'?  It seems to be a default for our brain when it doesn't want to expend the energy and the effort to figure...

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#175 Happy No-Drama Holidays To You

We are just starting into the holiday season and there's one thing so many of us dread - the drama.  But what if we could drop the drama?  What if we could just enjoy the people, the...

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