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I'm Tanya

I think we’ve got a lot in common.

This is my Story

Do you ever feel like you stepped into this middle-aged twilight zone? You don’t recognize yourself or your life? There are aspects that seem familiar, but it looks nothing like you imagined when you were younger?

You feel lost and a little disoriented, lonely and empty, and you can’t figure out how you got there and how to get out of it?

That's exactly how I felt in 2015 when I filed for divorce.

I had done everything right! I went to Brigham Young University, served a mission, got married, then stayed home to raise our children.

We did Family Home Evenings, family prayers and scripture reading, ate dinner together, and attended church. We seemed to have it all together!

And though I was generally happy, I struggled with my marriage relationship. I struggled to feel fulfilled and successful. So I read marriage books and worked to be more submissive and kind, I read personal development books and focused on becoming the perfect woman. 

But despite it all, I still ended up with a failed marriage, children who struggled emotionally and with whom I had difficulty connecting.

I didn't know who I was.

Then I found life coaching.  

What Coaching Did for Me

When I found coaching, I began to see beliefs and ideas that had been a part of me my whole life that were not serving me. I saw patterns and behaviors that were manipulative and destructive. I saw judgment and perfectionist tendencies that were keeping me from being the kind of person I really wanted to be. 


When I began applying the tools I was learning, I started to see changes -- the kind of changes that shift your entire perspective and life experience. I began to become aware of how I was sabotaging my own life and how I was hurting those people I loved the most.  I understood with so much more clarity how I had contributed to the demise of my marriage. And although this awareness was painful, it also brought with it a level of empowerment I hadn’t previously had. Now I understood how I could move into the next phase of my life and create something completely different.


So, I Decided to Become a Life Coach

When you find something amazing and life transforming, you can’t help but want to share it. I know so many middle-aged, women, both divorced and married, who feel as lost and helpless as I did and don’t know how to move into a better space. They have no idea that there are concepts and tools that, when applied, will help them heal and transform their lives into a space of purpose and potential, satisfaction and joy. None of this is a secret, but it does require a willingness to learn, a desire for something more, and courage to change.


In 2022 I married the man of my dreams.  We have a relationship that is deep, emotionally intimate, and loving, something I dreamed about for years but never had any idea how to create.  I also have relationships with my adult children where I am able to show up loving and accepting of their personal choices and paths.  None of this would have been available to me without the power of coaching.


As a life coach, I help to empower other LDS women by teaching them the concepts and tools they need to transform their own lives into something they love. A space where they are confident in themselves and in their purpose, and where their relationships are deeply fulfilling and engaging.  Whether you are wanting to strengthen an existing relationship with a spouse or your adult children, or whether you are working through the challenges of divorce and figuring out how to heal and move forward, I've got you.  

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