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#171 Growth Is A Skill

Growth is not just a byproduct of challenges, it is also a skill to be learned. When we develop the skill of growth, over time it becomes easier and even fun, just as any skill we learn does. When...

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#167 I Didn't Sign Up For This

I've heard this phrase so many times throughout my life. In fact, I'm sure I've used it more than once. And today it's time to take a look at how this thought, and others like it, are not serving...

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#160 Being Single and Being Lonely

Just because you're single doesn't mean you have to be lonely.  Lonely is a feeling caused by our thoughts, when we learn to be more intentional about our thoughts, we will be more fulfilled...

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#159 When Your Brain Lies To You

The first time we realize that our brain consistently lies to us, it can seem a little strange.  I think we have this underlying belief that our brain processes and figures things out and...

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#152 Victim or Hero?

Every experience we have in our lives gets turned into a story in our brain. And in our story, we generally become either the hero or the victim (and maybe sometimes the villain!) When we choose to...

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#147 Hijacked By Your Emotions

When was the last time your emotions came on so strong and powerful that you felt out of control? All of us have times that our response is way bigger than is warranted by the circumstance. Today...

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#146 Emotional Spring Cleaning

Spring always feels like the perfect time to clean out some closets and cabinets.  We get rid of things that are no longer needed in our lives in order to make space for things that will serve...

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#145 How to Get What You Want

Do you ever feel like you work towards getting what you want and then get exhausted and quit? Whether it's weight loss, business or education goals, relationship goals, we can only change our...

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#130 Exploring Our Darkness

Part of being a human is that some of the things we think and do are amazing, and some of them can be pretty rotten.  Sometimes we can spend so much energy avoiding and denying the darker...

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#129 Parenting Discomfort

Parenting. One of the toughest gigs on the planet. And it is the gift that continually keeps giving us discomfort! Today we discuss all the ways parenting brings us discomfort from the day they're...

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#128 Growing Up Into Middle-Age

Middle-Age is the best time for growing up!  Serious.  We have the experiences and the wisdom at this point in our lives to move forward at an unprecedented rate -- if we want to....

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#122 Your Story About You

The story that we choose to tell ourselves and believe is one of the most powerful choices we can make.  Because every story can be told from many different perspectives, and that makes all...

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