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#222 When You Are Considering Divorce

The time in our life when we put divorce on the table is tough.  There are so many things to consider, tons of pressure, the grief of unfulfilled dreams, and the pain of perceived failure....

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#221 How To Handle Your Friend's Divorce

Divorce is often one of the biggest challenges in a person's life.  And it impacts a lot of people, not just those in the immediate family.  So often friends and family struggle with...

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#220 Being Low-Maintenance

I love low maintenance things, and I put a lot of value on being low maintenance in my marriage.  But with the tools I now have, I can see that in my previous marriage the things I considered...

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#213 Thriving Post Divorce - An Interview With Jody Moore

This week I had the honor of being interviewed by Jody Moore, another life coach.  In this interview, I share my top recommendations and advice for anyone going through a divorce. I show you...

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#210 Greatest Hits - Love It Before You Leave It

Download TranscriptIt seems so easy to think that if we change our circumstance that things will get better, and they might, for a very short time.  Eventually we will catch up with...

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#170 Rewriting Your Divorce Story

Divorce can be one of those circumstances that seems like it spirals us into negative thoughts and feelings. And though it can be challenging because it necessitates that we show up differently...

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#119 FAQs About My Divorce

So many people have a lot of questions about divorce, the whys and the hows -- and I'm never afraid to answer them even though they are usually hesitant to ask.  So today, I'll share with you...

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