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#189 Patterns of Behavior

So much of our life is run by established patterns of behavior that we are completely unaware of. And when these patterns create dysfunctional behaviors, it can be very frustrating to pinpoint the...

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#177 Change Made Easy

Really though, we can make change easier. By understanding some great things about our primitive brain, and by learning to leverage them, we can 'hack' the part of our brain that resists change and...

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#165 I Would Never Act That Way

Have you ever seen someone do or say something that just shocked you and you thought, "I would never act that way", or "I would never say something like that."  If so, you're not alone....

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#125 Love It Before You Leave It

It seems so easy to think that if we change our circumstance that things will get better, and they might, for a very short time. Eventually we will catch up with circumstance and find ourselves in...

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#124 The Curse of the White Knuckles

We have been taught our whole lives to "fake it till you make it," "just do it," "embrace the suck," and "do the thing you don't want to do." Great phrases for a short-term fix. But if we want to...

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#113 Self-Acceptance

Recognizing and embracing the truth that we are human and will make mistakes is such an important piece of the self-acceptance puzzle.  Learning to accept what we can change, what we can't,...

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#107 Why Our Thoughts Are So Important

Most self-help books out there make it seem like it's so easy to change your life.  If you will just follow these easy steps you can make your life better.  But until we get to the cause...

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