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#205 Greatest Hits - How to Coach Yourself

So today we go into detail about how to coach yourself.  We will discover how to decide what the circumstance is, and what your thoughts are.  Then we'll discuss how to fill out the...

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#192 Facts and Thoughts

Learning to distinguish between the facts of our lives and the thoughts in our heads is one of the first and most valuable tools I use in life coaching.  When we start to understand the...

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#165 I Would Never Act That Way

Have you ever seen someone do or say something that just shocked you and you thought, "I would never act that way", or "I would never say something like that."  If so, you're not alone....

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#159 When Your Brain Lies To You

The first time we realize that our brain consistently lies to us, it can seem a little strange.  I think we have this underlying belief that our brain processes and figures things out and...

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#154 Rethinking Kindness

Kindness has so often been associated with acts - Acts of Kindness. What if we were to back this up a bit and start with Thoughts of Kindness and see the difference it would make in how we, and the...

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#145 How to Get What You Want

Do you ever feel like you work towards getting what you want and then get exhausted and quit? Whether it's weight loss, business or education goals, relationship goals, we can only change our...

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#123 Your Thoughts About You

The thoughts we think about ourselves are incredibly powerful, because they create everything that we are and everything that we will be.  What thoughts about yourself are going on in your...

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#115 Better Questions Create Better Answers

The questions we ask ourselves in our brains make such a difference.  When the questions focus on reasons, we tend to spiral into negativity and it drains our energy.  When the questions...

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#107 Why Our Thoughts Are So Important

Most self-help books out there make it seem like it's so easy to change your life.  If you will just follow these easy steps you can make your life better.  But until we get to the cause...

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