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#196 How to Break the Blame/Defense Cycle

We've all been there.  Someone blames and the other person gets defensive, and around and around we go.  We breed contention, when what we're really after in our relationships is...

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#193 No Back-Burner Issues

Sometimes it seems so much easier not to say anything. So we take our 'issue' and we put it on the back burner and pretend it doesn't exist. But the thing is, things on the back burner eventually...

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#191 Why We Seek To Control Others

Trying to control others is often an innate behavior for humans. We think that if we control how everyone else thinks, feels, and behaves, that life will be easier for us.  But it actually...

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#190 Protective Walls

All of us have the tendency to build protective walls when we start to feel emotionally unsafe.  Understanding what is behind those walls and why we're feeling emotionally unsafe is the key to...

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#189 Patterns of Behavior

So much of our life is run by established patterns of behavior that we are completely unaware of. And when these patterns create dysfunctional behaviors, it can be very frustrating to pinpoint the...

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#180 Better Relationships With Our Adult Children

Parenting adult children is nothing like parenting our younger, dependent children. It requires a completely different mindset and skillset. Learning how to approach these relationships from a new...

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#166 Imaginary Friends

Our relationships are being destroyed by our imaginations.  When we struggle to accept people as they are and live in the land of 'should' by expecting them to be something they're not, we are...

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#165 I Would Never Act That Way

Have you ever seen someone do or say something that just shocked you and you thought, "I would never act that way", or "I would never say something like that."  If so, you're not alone....

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#162 My 90-day Relationship

I recently completed what is called a 90-day relationship - a predetermined time for a relationship in which you commit to intentionally create a healthy partnership and work through all of the...

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#161 Developing More Intimacy in Your Relationships

Sometimes our relationships can tend to get a little shallow. Specifically I notice my relationship with God, with myself, and with others can all struggle at times. That's because relationships...

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#151 Connection

Connection with other people is something we were created to desire. And yet, sometimes we feel as though we are struggling to connect with those people who matter the most to us - our spouses or...

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#148 Grace & Grudges in Our Relationships

Sometimes in our closest relationships, it can be very easy to hold a grudge rather than extend grace.  But to truly develop the connection that we desire in our relationships, it is...

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