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#228 Our Relationship Rules

Sione (my husband) and I have some rules we feel make a huge difference in helping us to create the intimate partnership we want.  These were put in place the weekend we decided to date...

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#224 Compassion and Curiosity

Learning to replace shame and judgment with compassion and curiosity in our relationships with ourselves and with others will create a huge shift in the quality and intimacy of those relationships....

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#220 Being Low-Maintenance

I love low maintenance things, and I put a lot of value on being low maintenance in my marriage.  But with the tools I now have, I can see that in my previous marriage the things I considered...

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#218 Honest Relationships

Most people I know would put honesty at the top of their values list.  But there is one place that many of us consistently lie - and that is in our relationships.  Not so much about...

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#216 One-Up and One-Down Relationships

When we think that someone is better or worse than we are, we are engaging in one-upping or one-downing, and it's really harmful for our relationships.  To really created connection and...

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#214 How To Stop Being ‘The Fixer’

Do you identify with being a 'Fixer'?  Here's the thing.  We really do think that we're fixing things and making them better.  But the hard truth is that we're actually making things...

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#212 Healing Your Disconnected Relationships

Most of us have relationships where we feel disconnected.  Sometimes things have happened in them and now there is a rift and we don't know how to feel the same closeness and connection that...

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#210 Greatest Hits - Love It Before You Leave It

Download TranscriptIt seems so easy to think that if we change our circumstance that things will get better, and they might, for a very short time.  Eventually we will catch up with...

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#196 How to Break the Blame/Defense Cycle

We've all been there.  Someone blames and the other person gets defensive, and around and around we go.  We breed contention, when what we're really after in our relationships is...

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#193 No Back-Burner Issues

Sometimes it seems so much easier not to say anything. So we take our 'issue' and we put it on the back burner and pretend it doesn't exist. But the thing is, things on the back burner eventually...

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#191 Why We Seek To Control Others

Trying to control others is often an innate behavior for humans. We think that if we control how everyone else thinks, feels, and behaves, that life will be easier for us.  But it actually...

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#190 Protective Walls

All of us have the tendency to build protective walls when we start to feel emotionally unsafe.  Understanding what is behind those walls and why we're feeling emotionally unsafe is the key to...

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