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#227 Feeling Obligated

Download TranscriptObligation is such a detrimental concept when it exists in our relationships. Obligation comes from a place of fear, a place that relies on 'have to' or 'should'.  And this...

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#134 What About Pornography?

This can be a tough topic. But we're going to chat today about pornography use from both the user and the spouse today. Both have work to do. Both get to learn how to step out of being a victim and...

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#133 How to Accomplish Your New Year's Resolutions

We are 11 days into the new year and many of our resolutions are starting to not be so fun. What needs to happen for us to actually accomplish what we want to this year? How do we keep moving...

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#124 The Curse of the White Knuckles

We have been taught our whole lives to "fake it till you make it," "just do it," "embrace the suck," and "do the thing you don't want to do." Great phrases for a short-term fix. But if we want to...

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#120 Are You Motivated by Love or Fear?

One of the best ways to start digging deep into ourselves and seeing what's holding us back is to start looking at our motivation for what we do.  And ultimately, always, it comes back to love...

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